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Steps to Use Sand Wedge Step 1: The Right Wedge Even though the ideal measurements or settings for a sand wedge are set and fixed, different... Step 2: Stance And Set Up For any well-executed shot, the stance is very important. For sand shots, it is even more so,... Step 3: Executing the Swing Once. The Sand Wedge Final Thoughts. A sand wedge is designed to offer the best help out of those daunting sand traps and greenside bunkers. It is also extremely useful for closer approach shots. You would be doing yourself a disservice by not carrying a decent sand wedge in your bag The sand wedge is the heaviest club in your bag, so it can power through thick lies. Provided you get the heavy flange on the back of the club involved from the start, it'll glide through the grass.. When Should You Use A Sand Wedge? The sand wedge can be used for a variety of scenarios on a golf course. Obviously, when you are in the bunker is a great time to be using the sand wedge. To add to this, you may look to use your sand wedge on the fairway in several instances such as when you have a downhill lie and want some height to your approach shot You should use a sand wedge when faced with the dreaded sand bunkers but you can also use your sand wedge to make shorter approach shots. Sand wedges are useful to make shots closer to the green. You can also use your sand wedge when faced with rough lies, firm lies, downhill lie and a plugged golf ball

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  1. Rather than a sand wedge, players can use a gap wedge or pitching wedge. These clubs have less bounce and less loft meaning they will take off from the sand on a lower trajectory, they will,however, go further meaning the golfer won't have to hit the ball so hard. Under the lip lob wedge shot
  2. ed primarily by the yardage of your shot. On full shots from the fairway, a typical recreational male golfer might hit a sand wedge about 65-75 yards yards; women, 45-60. A lob wedge would be 40-50 yards for men, 25-40 for women
  3. Knowing when to use a lob wedge or a sand wedge will make your golfing journey more manageable. When practicing at the range, with your lob wedge, use the grass areas if possible. A lob wedge showed up as being a complementary club to the bag rather than to replace the sand wedge
  4. Although the sand wedge is so named because it's typically used to hit bunker shots, it is essentially just an iron with a clubface loft of around 54°-56°, which is generally in between a gap wedge and a lob wedge. The sand wedge also has a shorter shaft than longer irons, at about 33-37 inches. A sand wedge generally has a wider sole (the surface at the bottom of the club) and has more bounce than other irons. The term bounce refers to the quality or feature of an iron that.
  5. A banker is a sand barrier filled with sand (usually quartz) that serves as a barrier. It would be best if you did not try to hit it and hit it with a special sand wedge stick. To ensure that players face this challenge, there are some limitations in touching the sand before a kick is taken and where relief can be taken for the banker's ball
  6. When Should You Use Your Approach Wedge? Distance-wise, this is very personal but as a general rule you should use the approach wedge when the pitching wedge is too much but the sand wedge isn't enough. It is also a great club to use instead of hitting a hard sand wedge as it will give you more control of your spin

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Here is a guide for all things you need to know for a sand wedge. Continue reading to learn about what degree it should be at, the best sand wedges, when to use them, and the history behind it Sand Wedge Are Not Efficient On Firm Compacted Sand or Hard Ground Even if you may be in the sand or at an appropriate average distance for an approach shot, using a Sand Wedge might not be a good. A sand wedge will have a loft of 54 to 58 degrees, with the majority falling around 56 degrees. When To Use A Pitching Wedge Vs. A Sand Wedge. A pitching wedge should be used when on the fairway or rough for approach shots, or when doing some higher trajectory short pitch shots around the green Weekend players complain that lob wedges are difficult to hit. Please! If you simply accelerate through impact, a 60-degree wedge is just as easy to hit as a 55. Here's why you should put one in. I personally don't use a sand wedge any more and have instead opted for a 60, 56, and 52 degree Vokey's. Of course, that's a lot more than a Sand Wedge, but it's the best investment I've made for my game

There are no hard and fast rules that say not to use a pitching wedge as a sand wedge. You always can use a pitching wedge as a sand wedge. But, many things are there that you need to consider before doing so. Here are some of our suggestions that you can follow Pitching wedges are usually lofted clubs. In case you are 100 yards away from. The 58-degree wedge also known as a sand wedge, is primarily used to hit the ball off a bunker. Their higher bounce launches the ball high into the air and helps get the ball out of the sand bunker. Expert golfers can hit the ball 100 yards away using a sand wedge while others can achieve at least 60 yards The A-wedge is a golf club that is another name for a gap wedge, which is used for shorter and softer shots, and one of the four main types of wedges, which include (from least loft to most loft) the pitching wedge, A-wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge

Titleist uses an S200 (130gr) in their SM6 wedges, Callaway uses the DG S300 (132 gr) in the MD 3, and Mizuno uses the DG S300 as well in the S5. Only if you are playing a steel shaft in your irons like the Dynamic Gold, KBS Tour, or Nippon Modus 3 120 will the weight and flex of these wedge shafts come close to matching you The sand wedge is best for approach shots, that is, shots that approach the green. It will also enable you to chip the ball from in the rough, giving you that increased control in the direction that you want the ball to travel afterward. Remember: it's not just about getting out of the rough, you have to consider your next shot too

He uses that sand wedge around the green, in the sand when it's soft and into the grain, so that bounce is there to help him. He then has a very low bounce lob wedge and that wedge is free to create flexibility and freedom Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders With a sand wedge, the goal is to use the bounce and focus on working the club through the rough into the ball. Take the club far enough back and make a full enough swing so that you have enough momentum to get the club through the grass. If you don't, the grass will catch and slow your clubface and you will likely make bad contact with the ball

Understanding bounce is key when choosing a sand wedge. As a basic rule, a wedge with a high degree of bounce (14-16°) is best when the sand is deep and/or soft. Less bounce (8-10°) works better from thin or compacted sand. Likewise, a high-bounce wedge is more effective on soft fairways; a low-bounce club is preferred on firmer turf Use Your Sand Wedge To Practice Putting? YES!!! A New Breed of Golf with Michael Breed posted an episode of a series. 10 hrs · One of the more important parts of creating a great putting stroke is your ability to create 'rise angle' - hitting up through the center of the ball on contact

After all these years, it's still embarrassing for me to play on the American golf tour. Like the time I asked my caddie for a sand wedge and he came back ten minutes later with a ham on rye. - Chi Chi Rodriguez, on his Puerto Rican accent By Ian Hardie Most golfers I play Continue reading How to hit a sand wedge from the fairway. How to Use Your Bounce on Your Sand Wedge. Because the sand wedge has the bounce, the clubhead won't dig too much into the sand. But unfortunately, lots of golfers fail to use the bounce correctly. They either dig too much with the leading edge of the sand wedge or use bounce too much and actually hit the ball Hello everyone, I have a quick question. Is it ok to use a 60* wedge out of the greenside bunkers, or should you always use a wedge that is closely lofted to a sand wedge? I dont know if the loft of a 60* wedge will create any issues with hitting out of the bunker? Im asking because I am getting.

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Can You Use A 60 Deg Wedge As A Sand Wedge? Absolutely, the 60 Deg Wedge can be used as a sand wedge especially if you have a long bunker or sand shot. When you have a long bunker or sand shot, you can utilize a wedge with deg loft of 50, 52, 54, or 56, this will just be perfectly fit in A lob wedge isn't exactly a specific club, I use a combo of 3 different clubs based on how deep the bunker is, what the sand is like and how far I need the ball yo go. 6. level 1. Korevo. · 10m. There are many factors to determining which club to use - you will figure it out with experience. Typically you want more bounce on the club. Sand Wedge Use. The sand wedge is often a player's highest-lofted club, if the golfer doesn't carry a lob wedge with even greater loft. Therefore, the sand wedge may occasionally be used for a variety of very short shots outside of bunkers that require as much height as possible When it comes to sand wedges, you have to choose whether you should use a sand wedge with 54 degree loft or 58 based on two factors: a) how one prefers to organize the clubs bag and b) one's skill level. Typical golf bags only allow you to have 14 clubs in it A sand wedge is either 55 or 56 degrees in mostly all cases. Any higher it is going to be a lob wedge, and any lower and it is probably considered a gap or an approach wedge. Other than the degree of loft, there really are not many differences between a loft wedge and sand wedge in terms of head design

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I was once a fantastic wedge player using an old school MacGregor VIP wedge. Everyone used to laugh at me until they saw me use them from 100 yards and in. One major difference in a 58 and 60 degree wedge will be the distance you hit the ball. For me, I used to hit my 60 degree wedge between 80 and 84 yards How to Use a Golf Gap Wedge. How did the gap wedge get its name? Very simply, it is a club that will go further than your sand wedge, but will result in a shorter shot hit with your pitching wedge. Thus, it fills the gap between the two clubs. If you know the lofts of your pitching and sand wedges, you should purchase a gap wedge that is has a loft in between Any wedge can be a sand wedge for a given golfer. Someone's sand wedge doesn't have a special kind of weight to it. It's just the club that person uses to hit out of the sand. Some people use 56 some use 58, I use a 60 personally to hit out of the sand. But that is technically my lob wedge. Gap, sand, lob Correct me if I'm wrong please With the title, you can imagine that this wedge is connected with sand. The basic use of sand wedge is when you hit your ball into the bunker and you need to get the ball out from the bunker. Sand wedges come with a loft variation of 54-58 degrees. They are stamped with an S sign

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  1. Your sand wedge should be heavier than your other short iron golf clubs because its use does not depend upon your swing speed but your skill and the club's ability to elevate the ball by moving the sand behind the ball
  2. The sand wedge hits a comparatively shorter distance because it's primarily used for hitting the ball off a bunker. Quick Tip: Does the extra 3 degrees of bounce of the 56° Wedge make it better than the 52° Wedge? 52 Vs 58° Wedge. The 58-degree wedge acts as a sand wedge when you use it inthe sand
  3. You can use whatever sand wedge you want for Tour 1. You won't have much of a variety of clubs to choose from meaning that you can select any club you want. You'll only be able to use the beginner sand wedge for the majority of this tour
  4. A sand wedge usually needs to be bought separately because it's not generally included in a new set of clubs. It's mainly used to hit out of sand traps, although you can use it to hit from the fairway or out of the rough. Your sand wedge is for shots beginning about 90 yards from the pin
  5. Pinemeadow Wedge. Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge. Cleveland Golf Men's RTX-3 VMG Wedge. TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedge. Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge. C3i Wedge - Premium Sand Wedge, Lob Wedge for Men & Women. FP4 Forward Press Wedge. FP4 Forward Press Wedge. Knowing which sand wedge to use while out on the links can be tricky for.

Sand wedge measuring at a 50° or 60° loft which is the main difference between Lob and Sand wedge. The standard measure of Sand wedge is 60°, putting it in the middle of the pitching and sand wedges in terms of loft and shot distance between 75-80 yards. A bit weight full Sand wedges with more bounce in the sole is considered as a standard. Sand Wedge Here is a guide for all things you need to know for a sand wedge. Continue reading to learn about what degree it should be at, the best sand wedges, when to use them, and the history behind it For example, a high-bounce wedge is probably better for soft or soggy conditions, and/or for sand that is fluffy and light. Having some extra bounce on those types of conditions could be beneficial If your next wedge down from your pitching wedge is the sand, then you may play with a 54 degree. If you have a gap wedge in the bag, then you may play with a 56 or even 58-degree wedge. Do I Need To Use A Sand Wedge Out Of A Bunker? A sand wedge is an excellent club for hitting bunker shots, but it is not the only club that will work

Hybrid Sand & Lob Wedge 58 degree Steel Shaft The 58 degree Perfect Club Hybrid Wedge is the most versatile sand wedge in the game. Perfectly shaped sole, bounce, weight to deliver high soft landing accurate shots from every lie. Use from rough, long and short shots from sand, green side and fairway pitches 0:00 / 1:04. Live. •. An approach wedge, also commonly called a gap wedge, is used by golfers when a pitching wedge is too much club on the golfer's approach to the green. Less than 20 years ago, golfers had two wedges in their golf bags - a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. The technology has changed to the point that golfers use a pitching. Why Use an Approach Wedge? The same reason you'd choose, say, a 6-iron rather than a 5-iron or 7-iron. If you have a shot into the green whose distance is less than your pitching wedge distance but more than your sand wedge distance, you'll probably pull the approach wedge LAZRUS Premium Sand Wedge Anti Duff Thick Sole Loft Wedge Golf Club for Men & Women - Escape Bunkers and Save Strokes Around The Green - Lob Golf Wedges for Men. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 249. $39.97

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What Is the C3i Wedge. The c3i Wedge is kind of the next step in sand shots and so we reached out we end up getting our hands on one and we spent the afternoon here chipping around with it. We tried out of bunkers, we tried out of tight lies, thicker lies, more grass, less grass, and we came back with some interesting thoughts Many golfers aren't familiar with what wedge bounce is, or even how to use it properly. Wedge bounce can be your friend when it comes to chipping and pitching. Think of it like a backup plan if things go wrong. It can allow you to strike the ball properly even if your technique isn't perfect

Tiger Woods' longtime club builder: Rethink how you use 1 specific wedge. Listen to Mike Taylor: Don't always default to the lob wedge. Unless you're Phil Mickelson or see a value in carrying. Use the Vokey Wedge Selector Tool to see the best golf wedges for your game and swing. Find the loft, bounce, and grind to command your short game. Bunkers have a variety of sand and varying levels of firmness. Use the descriptions below to decide which type most represents the typical bunkers you play Lob wedges typically have lofts of 60 degrees. Sand wedges have lofts between 54 and 58 degrees. Since pitching wedges have lofts of 46 to 48 degrees, golf wedges with lofts between pitching and sand wedges (usually 50 to 53 degrees) are called gap wedges. Pick what you need, or buy a whole set Four total wedges were tested: a C3i Wedge, a Cleveland SmartSole 3, a Callaway SureOut , and a traditional sand wedge from a market leader. The same clubs were used in each session for every tester. 8 golfers with handicaps ranging from 10-20 and driver swing speeds between 70 and 90 mph participated in this test Instead use the toe in the ground method, this acts like a knife to rip the ball off the turf. In large rough around the green, put the club heel down and adjust for height of the shot. Open the face more: worse the lie and higher shot required. I hope all these tips can help you with your wedge game

The Lovett comes in two lofts - 59-degrees (sand wedge) and 63-degrees (lob wedge), each with 4-degrees of bounce, 64-degree lie, and D4 swing-weight. We took our steel-shafted 59-degree Tour Standard sand wedge out to the range and course to see if it lived up to the info-hype. The instructional video that comes free with each wedge claims. If you have a question about the C3i Wedge or if you'd like to order by phone, call our friendly customer service team at 888.548.1571 (Monday - Friday, 9:00 am-5:00pm CT). You can also send an email to support@c3igolf.com Gap Wedge Lob Wedge Pitching Wedge Sand Wedge. Performance. 2019 Clubs Previous Seasons Clubs. DONE. Use it as much as you like so you can really know what the product will do for your game before you invest in it. If you don't love it, simply put it back in the box it came in, use the included prepaid return shipping label,.

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Wedge Loft. A gap wedge's angle varies between 50 and 54 degrees. The pitching wedge is usually around 45 degrees while the sand wedge is between 54 and 58 degrees. Golf club makers have decreased pitching wedge loft degrees over recent years, with the gap wedge becoming an option for golfers Since there aren't any rules prohibiting its use, a sand wedge remains fair game in these situations. Sand wedge angles A traditional sand wedge is a club whose club face angle typically measures. Sand Wedge Golf Clubs. A sand wedge golf club is typically used for getting a golf ball out of sand bunkers, but its also useful in muddy and soggy ground. The sand wedge has the widest sole of all wedges, which allows it to glide through the sand rather than digging into it Unlike other sand wedges, The Perfect Club Hybrid Wedge has the perfectly shaped sole, bounce and weight to deliver high, soft landing, accurate shots from every conceivable lie. Use The Perfect Club Hybrid Wedge from thick rough, for long and short shots from sand, for green side chips and pitches

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Get the best deals on Sand Wedge Golf Clubs. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. Shop today The new Sand Blaster is the ideal weapon from any trap. Dual sole technology acts like skis in the water, gliding across the sand or rough! Unique hollow 2 piece construction allows the sole width to be increased dramatically to make it the most forgiving sand wedge we have ever engineered in either soft or firm sand, and even chipping and pitching around the green SandGod Magic Sand Wedge. 33 likes. Product/Service. SandGod is a Very special magic Sand-Wedge. Design for help you easily rescue difficult situation when you need hit golf ball in the bunker or water.Can make you like a professional golf player as easy hit golf ball to around your target from the bunker Check Out Wedge Sand on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today! Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This is the New eBay. Find Wedge Sand now I have used this wedge to see how it works in the sand and it's confirmed, it's great. You need to use a square stance and square club face. You don't need to open the face or open your feet up. You must however, still use a lot of wrist on the shot

Shots around the green can be tricky, and it's common for golfers instinctively to reach for a pitching wedge or a sand wedge. But what kind of shot calls for one club instead of the other? In the latest episode of Keys to Golf, PGA and LPGA instructor Cathy Kim explains that not all chip shots are created equal, and how to decide which is the best club to get the job done The forgiving mid-size wedge sole narrows towards the toe which helps to increase the level of accuracy you play with from any type of lie, the fairway, or anywhere around the green. In addition to being an excellent sand wedge, you can also use this club to chip the ball. This will give you more loft and a greater spin to prevent the ball from. I use my 60 in almost all green side bunkers unless there is like 40ft of green or something along those lines of distance. EDIT: I usually open up the face even more so its pretty much flat, I love hitting flop shots

When the sand is hard or wet, you don't want to have your club bounce off the hard ground which would result in the leading edge hitting high into the bull and skulling the shot. Therefore, a club with less bounce such as a gap wedge or a pitching wedge would be a better choice They're the newest of the wedges, designed in response to casual golfers' need for more range. Like the pitching wedge, it can be used in a variety of settings, but usually is most at home in the mud, sand and tall grass or from distances generally of 80 to 100 yards. Sand Wedges. Sand wedges are specialty clubs designed with sand play in mind

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  1. Sand wedge definition is - a golfing iron with considerable loft and a wide flange for use in blasting from a sand trap
  2. Mar 12, 2020 - Use the illustrated step-by-step instructions below to learn how to hit a bunker shot when the sand is wet or compact
  3. We stock all models of PING sand and pitching wedges from EYE2, ISI, I3 to G2, G5, Rapture and G10. If you don't see the wedge you require listed here please use the form on the bottom left of this page to tell us which wedge you require and we shall try to obtain it for you
  4. Define sand wedge. sand wedge synonyms, sand wedge pronunciation, sand wedge translation, English dictionary definition of sand wedge. n golf a club with a flanged sole and a face angle of more than 50°, used in bunker shots to cut through sand, get under the ball,.
  5. Women are a thing regarding styles with sugary or fatal accidents. It is the flexible uppers offer shoes and pitching . pitching . pitching . pitching You've got thousands of dollars or more perspective chances for game pitching drills that you can't use pitching wedge vs sand wedge take long throws to first base you will need a refrigerators etc. Tang that isn't necessary for the.
  6. Use Slider style fundamentals: square stance ball near the middle, weak grip, light grip pressure, etc. Two Wedge Budget for a Pitching Wedge at 48 degrees of loft: New wedge lofts: 54 and 60 wonder wedge. The bounce on the new 54 and 60 should be less than or equal to 8 degrees
  7. * The sand wedge is used to hit the ball out of sand traps. The Chattanooga chipper The bands form within a well-defined, narrow central region extending from the hopper opening to the top of the sand wedge

HEAD LOFT CHOICES / SET GAPPING - Based primarily on where your irons set ends, we recommend you use a 3-4 club wedge set with consistent 4-6 degree gaps between successive clubs in your set - i.e. your last iron is a contemporary 46º set-matching pitching wedge (as most are), so you might consider wedge sets of 46º/50º/54º/58º (our set design standard) Obviously, there are many. Product Description Our most loved platform wedge has made a return in woven raffia! Product Details Platform Raffia Wedge 1 Platform Height 4.72 Heel Height 100% Synthetic Importe ANSWERING SOME FAQS THAT GOLFERS HAVE WHILE BUYING A SAND WEDGE What is the loft range that is available in sand wedges? The higher lofts like 54degree and upward, up to 58degree are the typical choices in sand wedges. Are the sand wedges only for use on the sand? The purpose is definitely to help you in the bunkers Get out of the bunker with ease Heavier weight for max control and feel Max legal groove depth for increased spin Putt with confidence [split] Why you will love my BombTech Short Game Set! The short game set includes our insane 66* Sand wedge to get you out of almost any bunker without opening the face. Plus This sand wedge's sole is extra wide and its mass has been repositioned so the golf club slides through the sand without skipping or digging. And thanks to the xE1's extreme loft, you can pop the ball high, over any lip, and straight to the pin

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  1. Only the sand wedge was left alone. That's for two reasons: (1) The sand wedge is not used to achieve distance. (2) Reducing the loft of the sand wedge would have made the club less useful in the very sand traps it was designed for. Gradually, the difference in loft between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge increased
  2. 50 product ratings - Taylormade Golf Milled Grind Satin Chrome 56* Sand Wedge Steel Very Good 56-12. $54.99. Was: $149.99. Free shipping. 1,700 sold
  3. The Sand Blaster Wedge is the ideal weapon from any trap. Dual sole technology acts like skis in the water, gliding across the sand or rough! Unique hollow 2-piece construction allows the sole width to be increased dramatically to make it the most forgiving sand wedge they have ever engineered in either soft or firm sand, and even chipping and pitching around the green
  4. C3i Wedge -Premium Right Hand Sand Wedge, Lob Wedge for Men & Women - Escape Bunkers in One, Easy Flop Shots - Legal for Tournament Play, Quickly Cuts Strokes from Your Short Game- High Loft Golf Club in Sand Wedges
  5. Design. Gap wedges are loosely defined, but typically have the loft between that of a pitching wedge and sand wedge, between 50 and 54 degrees. At the extremes there is redundancy with either the pitching wedge (typically 48°) or the sand wedge (typically 56°), however some players will fine-tune the lofts of these other wedges to their play style, leading to alternate loft choices for a.
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NEW TaylorMade PSi Sand 55* Wedge, Steel Project X LZ 95 Regular Flex 35.75. New (Other) C $72.52. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. +C $39.70 shipping estimate. from United States CALLAWAY 2016 SOLAIRE SAND WEDGE 56° GRAPHITE WOMENS. Callaway Pre-Owned, Certified Used Clubs-yhb4615318. New (Other) C $57.56. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. List price: Previous Price. C $63.96 10% off A stands for Approach Wedge and it's usually the same type of club as a Gap Wedge. It's club to bridge the gap between a Sand Wedge (typically 56°) and a Pitching Wedge (typically around 48° or maybe a tad less), so you should normally expect th..

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The front Sand Wedge tires use a centered tri-rib design for what STI calls unmatched handling and steering control. The front tire (30/11-14) retails for $172.85, and the rear tire (30/14. XEI Ultimate Sand Wedge. First and foremost, the xE1 was built to eliminate fat shots from the fairway, rough or sand. It can cut down on thin shots, too, while greatly decreasing the risk of shanks. And just wait till you see the amazing shots the xE1 allows you to execute Try the world's fastest, smartest dictionary: Start typing a word and you'll see the definition. Unlike most online dictionaries, we want you to find your word's meaning quickly. We don't care how many ads you see or how many pages you view. In fact, most of the time you'll find the word you are looking for after typing only one or two letters Slazenger Handy Sandy Sand Wedge. Right hand Uniflex graphite shaft with Slazenger multi compound grip 58 loft with 12 degree bounce These are so easy to use out of bunkers. Have a big wide sole with lots of bounce Very similar concept the the Callaway sure out wedges Shaft has some wear but overall in decent used condition</p>

Sand Wedge. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class 28 reviews of The Sand Wedge This place is amazing. The sandwiches are creative and absolutley delicious. I will never go to subway again. Also, Sandwedge has the larger drink selection around, with cheap prices. Balboa, marvin, and old# 7 are highly reccomended. Trust me, Sandwedge is the place to be The Cleveland CG16 Black Pearl wedge features Tour ZIP grooves with laser-milled texture lines perfectly calibrated between each groove, allowing for optimal ball-to-face friction and maximum spin in accordance with the Rules of Golf. It also features a slight cavity-back with an undercut, moving the center of gravity lower and deeper to increase the Momen

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