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The insurer found 55% had faced an attack in 2019, up from 40% last year. But almost three quarters of firms were ranked as novices in terms of cyber readiness. Hiscox said a lot of businesses. In a survey conducted by Dell, 63 percent of companies said their data was potentially compromised within the last twelve months due to a hardware- or silicon-level security breach

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A a survey of 583 U.S companies, 90% of the respondents said their companies' computers were breached at least once by hackers over the past 12 months 38% of all users sampled have a password that never expires . 28% of data breach victims are small businesses. Over 80% of breaches within Hacking involve Brute force or the Use of lost or stolen credentials. . A cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds (University of Maryland)

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  1. However, just 25 percent of firms with fewer than 250 people and 36 percent of organizations with 250 to 499 employees had been compromised by phishing attacks during the same time period
  2. 64% of companies have experienced web-based attacks. 62% experienced phishing & social engineering attacks. 59% of companies experienced malicious code and botnets and 51% experienced denial of service attacks. small organizations (those with fewer than 500 employees) spend an average of $7.68 million per incident
  3. €272 million ($332 million) in fines have been issued since the GDPR was introduced. ( DLA Piper ) The National Data Protection Commission in France fined Google €50 million on January 21, 2019, the largest GDPR-related fine to date

FINN Partners, on behalf of Centrify, surveyed 1,000 IT decision makers (500 in the U.S. and 500 in the U.K.) online in October 2018. Please see the study here for more on the methodology More than half (55 percent) are in the process of doing so, while a quarter have already put it into practice

surveyed. Large and small organisations appear to be subject to greater targeting by outsiders, with malicious software impacting nearly three-quarters of large organisations and three-fifths of small organisations. There was a marked increase in small organisations suffering from malicious software, up 36% over last years' figures Over four in ten of all UK businesses suffered a breach or attack in the past 12 months. Most common attacks were fraudulent emails followed by cyber criminals impersonating an organisation online.

The largest percentages of surveyed SMBs experienced between 5 and 16 hours of downtime during a breach. You need security beyond just SSL - this should include the use of firewalls, email security protections, secure CDNs, two-factor authentication (2FA), and endpoint security In total, 63 percent of organizations reported the loss of sensitive corporate or customer information in the past 12 months. This figure rose to 69 percent in the US, an increase from 50 percent.. IDC found that 80 percent of consumers in developed nations will defect from a business if their information is compromised in a security breach. On top of lost trust, companies also need to worry about the networks of directly affected customers. An Interactions Marketing survey found that: 85 percent tell others about their experienc Forty-eight percent of UK organisations hit by ransomware in the last year, according to Sophos. This is lower than the global average of 51%. 13% of UK organizations reportedly paid the ransom Even though 78 percent of organisations across the globe now have privileged credential protection as part of their cyber security policies, over half of all organisations lack complete visibility over how many privileged accounts they have or where they're located, new research has revealed

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  1. Based on the responses from business leaders surveyed in Singapore, whose organisation have experienced cyberattacks, the compromise of employee records emerged as the top impact as a result of security incidents (40%; Figure 1), followed by theft of soft intellectual property (37%) and loss or damage of internal records (34%)
  2. 4 Hacking the Skills Shortage Key Findings Respondents in all countries surveyed said cybersecurity education was deficient. Eighty-two percent of respondents report a shortage of cybersecurity skills. More than three out of four (76%) respondents believe their government is not investing enough in cybersecurity talent
  3. Unsurprisingly, about 40 percent of those surveyed say they had a security incident in the past year, meaning they had an account hacked, password stolen, or were given notice that their.
  4. ant threat observed by the vast majority of service providers — and they can represent up to 25 percent of a country's total Internet traffic while they are occurring

Only 2 percent of the small-business owners surveyed in the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey said they view the threat of a cyberattack as the most critical issue they face Only 49% of CISOs and other senior executives are fully confident that their organisation could deal with the fallout of a hacking incident or data breach right now, and most think the threat from. Of these successful breaches, 55% of companies rated the loss of data as either 'very serious' (24%) or 'serious' (31%). Nearly 17% of organisations surveyed suffered 50 attacks per week. While attacks are increasing in frequency and severity, cybersecurity budgets remained largely unchanged as a percentage of revenue between 2019 and 2021 According to a recent Microsoft survey, 80 percent of global businesses have been hit by a firmware-focused cyberattack. According to Microsoft's March 2021 Security Signals survey, more than 80% of businesses have been victims of at least one firmware attack in the last two years. Just 29% of the targeted organisations have budgeted for firmware security, according to the survey

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It said there had been a sharp increase in the number of cyber-attacks this year, with more than 60% of firms having reported one or more attacks - up from 45% in 2018 53 percent of the healthcare firms surveyed revealed that complexity of healthcare systems is the major issue holding them back. Healthcare systems can be complicated as lack of experienced and knowledgeable staff to handle such complex systems is another significant concern, cited by 39 percent of firms ( Source: Thales Data Threat Report ) The average price for small businesses to clean up after their businesses have been hacked stands at $690,000; and, for middle market companies, it's over $1 million Enterprise organizations have a lot to deal with these days on the cybersecurity front. The adoption of cloud and mobile technologies has significantly expanded the attack surface, even as the threat landscape itself has kept evolving constantly.IT organizations are under tremendous pressure to respond to business requirements while ensuring the security of corporate data At least 30,000 US organisations including local governments have been hacked in recent days by an unusually aggressive Chinese cyber-espionage campaign, according to a computer security.

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  1. This item has been saved to your reading list. {{contentList.loadingText}} {{contentList.loadMoreLabel}} {{contentList.viewAllLabel}} US Digital Trust Insights Snapshot, April 2021. Our newest survey of more than 300 US security, tech, privacy and risk executives shows the current state of trust in third-party and data management
  2. Organisations have continued to be hit by high-profile, and completely confident that their network hasn't been hacked, despite more than a third (38%) feeling they lack sufficient insight on the this year, despite only a small percentage of enterprises feeling ver
  3. More than half of CIOs (57 percent) believe that their mobile workers have either been hacked or have caused a security incident in the last 12 months, according to a new report from mobile connectivity company, iPass. The report reveals that rising numbers now believe banning employee use of public hotspots is the only solution to protect their organisations
  4. Fifteen percent of teens have hacked into social networks; 9% have hacked into e-mail accounts; 12% have met face to face with a person he or she met on the Internet; and 16% of teens surveyed.

Forty percent of employees fell for the scam. and you should alert credit card companies and credit reporting agencies that your information may have been compromised in the breach AUSTIN, TX - March 8, 2016 - Spiceworks, the professional network for IT, today announced the results of a new survey exploring IT professionals' usage of cloud services, future investment plans, and perceptions of cloud storage, productivity, and computing providers. The study Diving into Cloud Services found that while 93 percent of organizations are currently [ Those organisations range from piloting, with 1 to 10 automations (37 per cent), to scaling, with 51 or more automations (13 per cent). The number of surveyed organisations that are deploying intelligent automation at scale has nearly doubled since 2019 Once a breach has been contained, organisations are faced with an immense clean-up operation, spanning Personnel Management was compromised and up to 25 million federal workers' records were stolen, Twenty-five percent of the organisations surveyed were government institutions

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The Surprising Reason Why So Many Employees Quit Within the First 6 Months A new study reveals why the new-hire experience is broken, and what needs to be fixed Of those surveyed, 12% have an annual income from bug bounties of $20,000 or more, with 3% earning more than $100,000 per year, and 1% making over $350,000 annually

Download Mimecast's latest State of Email Security Report to get insights on new email threats from 1,225 IT decision makers Shadow IT operations have long been a cause for concern. In an increasingly complex, 82 percent of organisations have introduced a security policy for connected devices. 85 per cent of healthcare organisations surveyed have increased thei In Australia, 66 percent of Gen Zers surveyed say they always look for discounts before they buy, and in China, the share is 50 percent; that is ten percentage points higher than millennial peers. Gen Zers also want the benefits of personalization

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Health sector tops the list as Australians hit by 300 data breaches since February. AUSTRALIA introduced mandatory disclosure laws earlier this year — and we now know just how vulnerable our. Sustained and collaborative efforts to reduce the occurrence and severity of health care errors are required so that safer, higher quality care results. To improve safety, error-reporting strategies should include identifying errors, admitting mistakes, correcting unsafe conditions, and reporting systems improvements to stakeholders. The greater the number of actual errors and near misses. Ninety-four percent of 800 employers surveyed by Mercer, an HR and workplace benefits consulting firm, Our old preferences have been debunked during the pandemic Virtual training is used by 15 percent of surveyed organizations and MOOCs by 11 percent. While the talent may have won the war, the battle for leadership primacy continues. Mike Prokopeak is vice president and editor in chief at Chief Learning Officer magazine Nearly one-in-five say they have been called offensive names or singled out by airport security, The percentage of U.S. Muslims who report this type of experience is up significantly since 2011 (37%) and 2007 (32%). In their own words: What Muslims said about discrimination and support

For example, the finance and insurance industry, which the index predicted would have a high capacity for remote work, saw 79 percent of jobs move online, according to the survey results. However, while about 32 percent of survey respondents in that industry reported productivity gains, the industry as a whole reported an average productivity loss of 13 percent Updated on 17 March 2021 to reflect the fact that WHO has listed two versions of the AstraZeneca/Oxford COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use. A further update was made on 19 April 2021to reflect the latest WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety statement 2 Absence management survey report 2016 Foreword from the CIPD We're delighted to present our seventeenth annual Absence Management survey results, in partnership with Simplyhealth. The survey of over 1,000 HR professional

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, 69 percent said that low salary was the primary reason they have left or would leave a job. Sixty-three percent said they have left or would leave a job if they were overworked. And just over 50 percent cited an employer's disregard as a reason to quit The threat of cyber security is unquestionably growing more serious over time. The impact of attacks on businesses can be devastating, and for many, the source remains unknown - as many as 35% of.

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  1. More than 90 percent (93%) Indian organisations witnessed a public cloud security incident in the last year with ransomware attacks being the most rep.
  2. 5. DDoS-for-hire sites shut down in 2018, which may have resulted in a decrease in DDoS activity that year. In late 2018, the FBI took down a dozen DDoS-for-hire marketplaces, and in April 2018, Europol shut down Webstresser, the world's largest marketplace for buying DDoS attacks.At the time it was shut down, Webstresser had over 130,000 registered users
  3. The UK is Europe's most breached country in cybersecurity terms, according to a new report. Data security solutions provider Thales eSecurity revealed the findings in its 2018 Thales Data Threat Report. Thirty-seven percent of businesses in the UK reported cyber attacks in 2017, compared to 33 percent in Germany, 30 percent in Sweden, and 27 percent [


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  1. A source told R more than 20,000 US organisations have been compromised by the hack This is an active threat still developing and we urge network operators to take it very seriously, a.
  2. Data breaches continue to be a threat. Since the start of 2018, at least 20 consumer companies reported that customer information was made vulnerable
  3. ority of companies have devised automated policies to face this issue
  4. They also have in-document comment capabilities in which you can tag users. Additionally, instant messengers and email, while traditional, are still used today for a reason. If you have been avoiding their use out of fear of a productivity dip, set clear guidelines on how your organization uses each
  5. Fifty-nine percent of those who earned $50,000 or less used a masturbation routine; 62 percent of those earning $50,000 to $75,000 relied on routine; and 72 percent of those earning between.
  6. GOOGLE has warned users that billions of passwords - and hundreds of thousands of username and password combinations - have been hacked. Cyber-experts are now urging users to make sure they're.

That amounts to roughly 15 percent of the second-biggest again to all those who may have been affected. No organisation can say it will be is believed to have been compromised A global threat. This case isn't unique. It's happening more and more. In fact, according to the Oliver Wyman MRO survey 2018, hacking has actually readily become an organised industry. »In some countries, hackers work out of regular offices and get paychecks to spend their workday looking for vulnerabilities in organisations' digital networks, lying in wait for holes to develop through.

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Forty-five percent of small business owners have been attacked The Worst Reported Hacks of 2017 only 13 percent of surveyed business owners admitted to being victims of cyber attacks The White House fears a significant number of organisations around the world have been compromised through a back door installed via recently patched flaws in Microsoft's email software, and warns. Some 40 percent of Americans surveyed had their online account passwords compromised. Having a hard-to-guess, secure password is imperative if you use the Internet. If you practice poor habits, such as sharing passwords or using weak ones, you could become a target for a cybercriminal In light of the recent Capital One data breach, where a misconfiguration in a cloud server resulted in a hacker exploiting 100 million customer accounts, a new study from Tripwire has found that 84 percent of organisations find maintaining security configurations across cloud services difficult Seventy-five percent of the transportation organisations we surveyed have a security operations centre (SOC), and 14 percent said they plan to create an SOC. In addition, nearly 90 percent of the security professionals said their organisations participate in a security standards body or industry organisation, such as PT-ISAC or ST-ISAC

In 2019, 205,280 organizations submitted files that had been hacked in a ransomware attack — a 41 percent increase from the year before, according to information provided to The New York Times. Of those whose organisations have a formal working from home policy. Sixty-three percent disagree they didn't feel pressure to return to the office, even if guidelines allowed them to do so. Although firms across the UK are currently taking a digital-first approach, few plan to have a 100% remote workforce for the long term The 2020 ransomware reality. The survey provides fresh new insight into the experiences of organizations hit by ransomware, including: Almost three quarters of ransomware attacks result in the data being encrypted It's true there have been some grimmer signs for medicine. The General Social Survey data show a slow decline in confidence in the leaders of medical institutions, from more than 50 percent in. Indian enterprises have been quick to adopt AI in the recent past, with nearly one in five organisations (22.2 percent) across the four verticals surveyed implementing the technology in some way. This number is anticipated to soar considerably by mid-2019 with nearly seven in 10 firms (68.6 percent) anticipated to deploy (it), the company said

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Cloud computing had been implemented by 17 percent of respondents' organisations and eight percent of respondents reported that they had experienced a security breach in the cloud. Respondents reported that the top two cloud threats were data loss and leakage (73.5%), and account, service and traffic hijacking (60.8%) More than 61% of SMBs had been breached in the last 12 months, compared to 55% in 2016. In an average breach, the amount of data stolen nearly doubled, from 5,079 records in 2016 to 9,350 in 2017 percent have been made redundant.2 Comparatively, 20 percent of staff from non-tourism businesses are on reduced hours/days, 7 percent are on leave without pay and 4 percent have been made redundant Coronavirus and the economic impacts on the UK: 8 October 2020. The indicators and analysis presented in this bulletin are based on responses from the voluntary fortnightly business survey, which captures businesses' responses on how their turnover, workforce prices, trade and business resilience have been affected We surveyed 80,000 people in 40 It is the first time that results from survey questions on climate change have been included in Online news sites of major news organisations are the second.

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Large majorities of internet users have heard about hacking (95%) and trolling (86%), and 18% each have personally been hacked or trolled. Doxing - that is, posting someone's personal information online without their consent - and swatting - which refers to calling in a fake emergency to the police - are recognized by smaller shares of the online population (73% and 55%, respectively) 2 Shining a spotlight on the hidden housing market It's a little over 10 years since the Government's Housing for Older People strategy Lifetime Homes, Lifetime Neighbourhoods was published. A decade on and there is no national direction an Burbank, Calif. (PRWEB) June 22, 2015 Companies who plan to terminate or lay off employees may also need to plan for potential backlash. According to the 2015 Employer Branding Study, published today by CareerArc—a global HR technology provider of social recruiting and outplacement services—over one in three respondents who have been terminated or laid off had left one negative review of. According to research, people who have never worked remotely and those who work remotely 100% of the time have the same level of engagement. In fact, telecommuting statistics from 2016 show us that people who work remote 60-80% of the time have the highest work engagement: 41% According to the UN, an estimated 99 percent of women in Egypt have been subjected to some form of sexual harassment at some point in their lives. The long road ahea

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Over one year into the COVID-19 pandemic and 90% of countries are still reporting one or more disruptions to essential health services. The findings of the second World Health Organization (WHO) pulse survey reveal that no substantial global change has been made since the first survey was conducted in the summer of 2020 Chapter 2 Impact on not-for-profit operations 2.1 Overview Not-for-profit organisations that were consulted for this project noted increased demand for services (particularly those that operate in emergency accommodation, family services, unemployment support and other welfare areas), and significant falls in funding as a result of the economic downturn The replication crisis (also called the replicability crisis and the reproducibility crisis) is an ongoing methodological crisis in which it has been found that many scientific studies are difficult or impossible to replicate or reproduce.The replication crisis most severely affects the social sciences and medicine, [failed verification] while survey data strongly indicates that all of the.

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However, 86 percent of Canadians surveyed own a smartphone and this number continues to grow but is currently in the 'replacement market phase.' The CTA says that 34 percent of Canadians are planning to purchase or upgrade to a new device in the coming year Already, a source told R more than 20,000 US organisations had been compromised by the hack, which Microsoft has blamed on China, although Beijing denies any role

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Asked to rank on a 1-10 scale how compromised their children's learning has been by remote learning, 10 percent of parents surveyed picked 10 or entirely compromised and 15 percent picked. Anuradha Shetty Nov 05, 2012 13:25:50 IST. Be careful the next time you hit download on any app on the Google Play store. An analysis of over 400,000 apps on the Google Play store by Bit9 has led it to classify more than 100,000 apps -- 26 percent of the apps analysed -- as suspicious or questionable. In its research report following the analysis, Bit9 shared that 26 percent of the. The top global causes of death, in order of total number of lives lost, are associated with three broad topics: cardiovascular (ischaemic heart disease, stroke), respiratory (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lower respiratory infections) and neonatal conditions - which include birth asphyxia and birth trauma, neonatal sepsis and infections, and preterm birth complications

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